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We are honored to introduce a new feature MoTalk in Morange 3.3.2. Now you can make low cost international phone call from your mobile. Morange gives everything you ever desired on mobile : Instant Messaging (MSN/AOL/ICQ/Google/Yahoo Messenger!), Push Mail like Blackberry, Podcast like iTunes, RSS, Siocal Network, Remote Computer access... Imagine, 80% fo the stuffs you do on laptop, you can do with your phone with Morange. Install it today for free.

Watch the Demo

Install Morange and try out MoTalk now! You will be rewarded with up to Free USD1.00 international phone call credits. Demo

Key Features:

Talk More, Pay Less (New!)
It’s time to say goodbye to expensive international calling cards and punching in annoying serial numbers. MoTalk gives you a simple and quick way to make low cost international calls from you mobile, desktop or web wherever and whenever you are.

Podcast on the Go! (New!)
Ever want to listen to latest podcast on your phone, like what you did on iPod? With Morange it is possible. Before do that, make sure you are on "Unlimited GPRS" or Wifi access. (This appication is quite data intensive). Just go to the RSS and find some good podcast channel and play it. You will be surprised by the quality!

Search and get yourself Popular
Morange provides a quick and easy way for you to build up an international mobile social network. You can establish personal profile with your picture and search for charming friends all over the world on your mobile phone by Gender, Age, Location, or Nickname. Add him or her as your Morange friend and start mobile communication wherever you are.

Push Email on your phone
Morange provides real-time, secure access to corporate or personal emails from your mobile phone. It is now hassle-free for you to get any POP3/IMAP email, say Gmail, "Pushed" to your mobile device with the same speed and reliability that can be gained through your desktop. Since you have Free Morange, why borther other "expensive" push mail service?

Chat on the road
Morange provides a universal instant messaging platform that works seamlessly across your desktop and mobile phone, fully integrated with your address book. You an also log into other popular Instant Messaging services such as MSN, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, or Yahoo Messenger! and chat while you walk.

Read News & Blogs with pictures
Leveraging on the power of Web 2.0 and RSS (Really Simple Syndication), every time you connect with Morange, all the updates will be pushed to your mobile phone in real time without even a single click! Our world's No 1. 'Full Text & Image Retrieval' technology allows you to read the full stories of all RSS feeds, while alternatives only give you a summary.

Access PC and Share Files from your phone
Morange offers a virtual storage space up to 50M per user, you can access, exchange and share documents, photos, spreadsheets, and presentations easily. Morange also allows a fast and secure access to your desktop computer from your mobile device so that you can access your documents remotely. With Morange you can download files directly to your mobile phone.

Synchronization in motion
Morange provides robust, secure and intelligent wireless synchronization solutions capable of extending Contacts, Calendar, Task information in Microsoft Outlook. Your PIM information will be automatically updated each time you make a modification. It is cost-effective, easy-to-administer and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and platforms.

Secure and Safe
With end-to-end security model, Morange safeguards information, chat, and email when you access such information from a mobile device. In order to further protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your information, you can turn on strong encryption (Please select "Secure Connection"): the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that keeps data encrypted.

Pick the right application by preference
In a single application, Morange connects converges many applications on your phone. For example, PushMail, RSS, IM, Remote PC Access, Podcast, RSS, etc. However if you don`t need some apps, for example calendar or task, just go to “Setting Components to remove them.

Pick Me, I am Mini
Morange has two version to choose from. If you love simple chat and have a not-very high-end phone, you may want install the lovely Mini version, Mini version works on mobile of the mobile device

Mobile Device Requirements

Morange J2ME Full Version

Morange J2ME Mini Version
RAM (Heap size)
JAR limitation
800KB or above
350KB or above
Supported (optional)
512KB or above
128KB or above
Supported (optional)

Good stuff worth waiting
Morange is high end and probably the most powerful mobile application in this world, watch the Demo. It is about 400KB for Full version and about 180KB for Mini version. It may take several minutes to download to your phone, please be patient, good stuff worth waiting...

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