Creating your own city on the Internet

If you love PC Games called Sim City, you will love to play this game. It's a brand new game on the internet that can build your own city. The idea it's simple you just create your own page and share it to your friends and your city will be rise automatically, each person who visited your city will raise 1 people to lived in your city, but 1 "IP address" will be count as 1 visit, so no matter how many you're visiting this website in a day, you can only raised 1 population, so you must share it to your friends to visiting your city and tell your friend to share to their friends also.

At the site you will be able to choose a name for your city and the country to which it belongs. Those two things are all you need to build your very own city. The great thing is that no downloads, no registration or log-ins are required. Once you’ve named your digital abode, you’ll be given a link with which to visit it. The more you visit and the more you market the place, the more inhabitants you’ll get. What is more, new challenges are given to put your skills to the test such as unemployment, sanitation, education among others. Every click does your city good. In addition, you’ll have a view of the city’s stats, for example crime, population and pollution.

Click Here to get started

Tips :
- Share you Links to blogs, forums to raised your city fast.
- Use Web Proxy to get into your city to raise the populations

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