How to Watch TV Online - A Satellite TV for PC Review

How to Watch TV Online - A Satellite TV for PC Review

Watching satellite TV on your PC has really has come a long way over the past year. Imagine no wires, no additional hardware and best of all you don't need to be a Computer expert.

I found a great piece of Software at Satellite TV for PC that was so easy to install, I found myself watching The Matrix Reloaded in a matter of minutes.

Satellite TV for PC offers up to 3000 channels that include a variety of sports, movies, weather, news, music, kids channels, radio stations, regular broadcast channels and more. You can search and browse for channels by country or topic world-wide, including the united States and Europe, or by Genres such as "Movies" or "Sport" as well as other categories.

Satellite TV for PC has a nice coherent feel to it that other tools lack such as full descriptions of each station. It feels like a real entertainment product that's been tested and improved again and again.

Installing The Software And Watching Free TV

After purchasing, I followed the easy download instructions which took a minute over broadband connection. Installation was easy and hassle free. Time to watch TV!

The first thing you will notice is the slick interface with a glossy metallic panel that resembles an expensive hi-fi unit. The window is broken down into a large video player with numerous smaller menus, controls and buttons around it.


The main window is pre-loaded with shows that may be of interest and will update regularly to provide more suggestions for shows you may want to watch. This is a nice feature that is not found on other software.

Add Bookmarks, Search and Manage Channels

Each station is clearly described in a text box that pops up when you click on the channel name, something that is rare with other PC TV software. Another nice feature is the search tool that allows you to search for channels of interest quickly. When you find something, you can use the 'Add to favorites' button to easily add a permanent bookmark. You can also create and manage all your bookmark folders.

Channel Information

Along with the station name and description, you also get the status - such as online and updated. This helps you see any stations that have been modified, or are having problems. You can also quickly see the bandwidth and quality of each channel before making a selection. This tool really does have too many great features to list here.

Video and Audio Quality

Both audio and video quality will depend on your PC hardware and a high speed broadband connection is highly recommended for a superior picture and sound. Overall I was impressed with the video quality and clarity, and with a nice set of speakers the audio quality was good. Compared to other PC Satelite services or software, Satellite TV for PC excels.

The Verdict
  • High number of channels to choose

  • Easy to use, no PC knowledge needed

  • Description of each channel saves time

  • No extra hardware or TV tuner card required (TV channels are streamed through your internet connection)

  • No Ads or Spyware

  • Works with all versions of Windows

  • Reasonable price at $49.95

Satellite TV for PC is very impressive. Considering there are no membership fees or monthly bills, and it works anywhere in the world. Satellite TV For PC will make traveling or sitting in an airport (providing a WIFI connection is available) a much more enjoyable experience.

For more Satellite TV for PC information and pricing, visit Free PC Satellite TV.

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