Complete List of Twitter Site Look a Like

If you know twitter and using it, you might wan't to know about this look a like twitter site (sites like twitter) may be they will be come the next killer twitter.

I think the one of the biggest competitor for twitter is, with cool themes and ideas about Karma which makes plurk are easy to love. this is how the plurk guys told us "A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life in deliciously digestible chunks. Low in fat, 5 calories per serving, yet chock full of goodness."

“Jaiku’s main goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to share their activity streams. An activity stream is a log of everyday things as they happen: your status messages, recommendations, events you’re attending, photos you’ve taken - anything you post directly to Jaiku or add using Web feeds.”

“MoodMill is a social mood management website. It’s a personal mood management, a log, a quick ‘n easy website for managing and sharing your short logs with your contacts.” I've seen moodmill and i think it's not going to be the competitor for twitter and plurk, because the updated status seems so slow and i think it doesn't have much traffic going around this website.

Hictu is the first service for video microbloggers, who can create for free their own microblog with small posts (containing text, audio and video), personalize their public profiles, manage a presence-enabled friend list, meet new friends.

Others : - Right place, right people, right time. - There’s a lot of hype about this site, yet it still remains a mystery as to what exactly it’s about. - A Twitter clone. - A wannabe Twitter killer that killed itself? - “It’s like Twitter & FriendFeed combined… but so much awesomer!” - A fun & easy way to send messages to a group using SMS. - A simple service for people from around the world to share what they are doing at this moment. - A mixture of a tumblelog, a todo list & a status notifier. - Your personal music station, DJ’d by you & your hand picked list of friends and favorites.

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