How To Park Your Domain For Free and Start Making Money With No Money at All

If you read this article before on "how to park your domain for free and start money making" but you don't have the money to buy your own domain, try the best free domain here :

CO.CC:Free Domain

try ro read this for details on how to register free CO.CC domain.

if you have register your domain try to visit these website

Try these steps :
1. Add your domain to Park4Money :

2. Register with your Username & Password :

3. try to activate your acount by visiting your e-mail:

4. You need Google Adsense Account read here for instruction

5. After you have Google Adsense Publisher-Id Go To Park4Money Control Panel

Publisher-Id it's on the top right on Google Adsense Menu

Try to click Domain Settings on Park4Money Control Panel

6. Click "Edit" Button Google Adsense Settings and place your Google Adsense -Id :

Save your settings, you've your free parked domain website, try to share your website to your friends.

try to visit mine :

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