How to Get a Free .CO.CC Domain

Want to have a free Domain? Follows this step for instruction :

1. Get to Website

CO.CC:Free Domain

2. Select your domain name, it can be your name, your organization name or anything you want :

3. Check the availability of your domain name, if it's available try to register it under your name:

4. If you don't have the account yet on try to register it by clicking "create an account now"

5. Fills the registration to have your domain :

6. Your Domain has successfully registered, try to set up place it into your DNS Server :

7. Get your Free DNS here :

Free Web Hosting

8. Place the DNS into Manage DNS Text :

9. Click Setup to finish building your free domain :

10. You can have max 3 free domain, click getting a new domain if you want to have another :

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