5 Adsense Tips to improve your earnings

Author: Stephen Ashton
Category: Internet marketing/online business

5 Adsense Tips to improve your earnings
Adsense has long been one of the best ways to monetize your
website but it's amazing how many people are leaving so
much potential earnings on the table simply by not thinking
about how and where they place their Google ads. In this
article I go through some simple changes that you can make
to your ads that will have a huge impact on the commissions
you'll receive from Google.

Use the full allowance of ads available to you on each page

Google allows you to place 3 different regular ad units and
1 link ad unit on each and every page of your website and
it is important to use this allowance to maximize your
chances of clicks. Place them in area's of the page that
your visitors will be looking. For example, if your page
has an article, place them to float within the text of the
article. Either at the top of after a couple of paragraphs.
Another great place to place ads is at the bottom of an
article as your visitors are looking for a place to go once
they've finished reading the article. Why not then present
them with some options in the form of some adsense ads. The
key is to blend them into the page so they don't detract
from the content. Another thing to add here is don't use
the horizontal banner ad format. Your site visitors are
blind to them and simply won't click on them. This removes
one of the 4 allowed ads on your page.

Optimize each page for adsense

By using these popular keywords, you're opening the door
for Google to place higher paying ads on your website. The
more popular the keyword or phrase, the higher AdWords
advertisers are generally willing to pay per click. This
results in much higher rates of commission for you on each
of those clicks.

Use Google's Custom Channels for each of the ad units on
your site

Google has provided web site publishers with some great
tools to help you analyze and tweak your adsense ads. Give
each unit a unique name and then analyze the results and
keep tweaking them until you get the desired results from
them. If they are not working were they are placed, move
them. Try changing the colors and integrating them
differently into the text and keep detailed notes on the
changes you are making and see which one's make the biggest
change to your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Blend you Adsense ads into your web pages

This next tip is one of the simplest changes I made but had
a huge effect on my earnings. Make links the same color as
your existing text links. Don't try and make the ads stand
out on the page by using bright colors as all this achieves
is making a big warning sign that these are ads and the
majority of people will then not click on the links. By
making the links the same color as your links, it looks
like they are an extension of your page. If you use the tip
above and optimize each page for specific keywords then the
ads served on the page will be related to the information
on the page and you'll see your CTR shoot up.

Learn from the best

And finally, a tip that I advise for all aspects of website
marketing, not just for adsense purposes is, learn from the
masters. There are plenty of people making thousands of
dollars in adsence earnings every month and have gone
through all the trial and error iterations that need to be
done to find the most successful way to maximize your
adsense earnings. My advice, invest in their courses. They
pay for themselves in a very short period of time.

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