How To Profit From Google Adwords

Author: Pawel Reszka

How To Profit From Google Adwords
Making money with Google Adwords has become very popular.
It's the new trend that took the Internet by storm.
Affiliate marketers are constantly researching new niches,
keywords and competition to monetize the traffic from
Adwords. Profiting from the "Google Gash" game was much
easier just a few years ago. Cost per click keeps going up
each and every month. Below I have listed some Adwords
strategies that can help affiliate marketers maximize their

1. Bidding On The Exact Name Of The Product

This method is very effective and can bring substantial
profits very quickly. Basically, affiliates can bid on the
exact name of the product and profit from other affiliates
advertising efforts. When a product is popular there are a
lot of people searching for it on Google to find out more
information, read reviews, or even bonuses offered by
affiliates. If you choose to try this method, you should
research other affiliates to see what exactly they are
doing and what bonuses they are offering. Next construct a
review page of the product and offer a better bonus
package. Using this method you are going to pay more per
click, because the traffic is highly targeted.

2. Creating Site-Targeted Campaign

With this method you can target the exact pages where you
want your ads to appear. Of course the publisher must
display Adsense ads on their site. First of all, you need
to find websites relevant to the product or service you are
selling. Do a search on Google for the keyword phrases that
would potentially bring in sales. Next make a list of all
the web pages that display Adsense on the first and second
page of the search results. This ensures that the website
you are going to display ads receives high quality traffic.
Next create a "site targeted" campaign targeting the pages
you just researched. With this method you could end up
paying less than 0.05 per click if your CTR is performing
very well.

3. Using Huge Keyword Lists

Using this strategy you must create a big list of relevant
keywords for your product or service. The key to making
this method work is to find many low searched keywords with
little or no competition. Utilizing the method you could
get away with paying cents per click instead of dollars.
You should get yourself a keyword research tool that will
help you find relevant keyword phrases. I highly recommend
Keyword Elite software for this project.

4. Monetizing On Big Product Launches

This is probably the easiest way to make money using Google
Adwords. Basically, you will need to watch for next big
product launches by some of the big marketers. Some of the
product launches generate a ton of searches on Google on
the day of the launch. Once you spot one, you should bid
only on the name of the product on that exact date. You
could also give away some bonuses to increase your sales.
This method can bring quick and easy profits due to the
fact that there is almost no competition on the date of the

The above strategies are just some of the most popular ways
to easily monetize on the traffic from Google Adwords. You
should always monitor your CTR (click through ratio), Cost
Per Click, and conversions.

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