The key to zero cost web site promotion

The key to zero cost web site promotion
Author: Paul Easton
Category: Internet marketing/online business

Free Link Building basics: The key to zero cost web site promotion
Having an effective link building strategy creates new
paths of traffic to your site. The major search engines
take this into account, when listing your site.

At the same time many web site owners lack the
understanding of what they are trying to achieve. This is
especially when it comes to results.

Link building is all about the long-term goal of action
producing traffic. Unlike Google Adwords, which is instant
and you pay for that instant result, link building is about
the small trickle of visitors every day from many hundreds
of sites.

Let's run the numbers:

100 different sites sending you 2 visitors per day – 200
unique visitors a day 10% of them joining your list- 20
email opt-in visitors per day

At the end of the month – 600 on your list- not a bad
start, for some "sweat equity" also known as work.

Next month you are listed in another 100 sites – end of the
month another subscribers per month- total list 1200

Hit month three- same as the last two- so now a list of
1800 which is around about when Google updates its ranking
algorithm, and you start to get natural search engine
traffic- So you are starting to gain momentum.

Then you look closer into your web hosting statistics and
find the majority of your visitors are come from posts you
did in specific forums – Now you can focus your area of
work to where you are getting results from.

Also you try a new more up front design for your email
opt-in, and add a free gift. Now you have found a way to
convert more traffic to take an action. If you need to
know where your traffic is coming from, in the easiest way,
with a free tool check out the invisible counter from

Some small business owners become frustrated when they
don't see results, and then comes doubt if its working and
then they go off to try another method of promotion. As
long as you understand the process and the way the system
works, its being a long race and not a sprint for traffic
then you will have the results you expect.

Once you know where the traffic is coming from, you can
focus on two things, increasing the traffic from these
sites with more active posts and increasing the conversion
to action at your site. These are the key metrics for
knowing what is going on in your business.

About the Author:

Paul Easton is a web site link marketing expert, and the
owner of - The Link Exchange
Directory that helps the small online business get traffic
from links.

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