[Updated] How to Download Mp3 Music Using

[Updated] How to Download Mp3 Music For Free Using Mulitply Website Not LimeWire Application ?

What is ? is a free Community Website to Interact Mutual Friends with Blogs, Musics, Photos. Beside you can read Your Friends Blogs, and See Your Friends Photos, You can download Your Friends Mp3 Music For Free. Read this following articel "How to Download Mp3 Using".

First You Need to visit Http:// or click Here Your Browser will showed this picture :
You Need to register it first to have the complete feature of multiply like this picture bellow (Please Fill Up Your ID, Password, Your Name, Your Last Name, and E-mail Address) :
After you've registered your account, try to open your e-mail to activate your account, simply just open your mail-box (if it's doesn''t exist on your mail box try to look in bulk mail) and click activate on your mail :
If your multiply is already been activated, now you can have the full feature of, if you want to search music, try to click search button on the top of menu like this picture bellow :

On the Search Menu try to scroll-down the search content combo box, try to look Music (besides music you can search for blogs, events, reviews, etc) like this picture bellow :

Then try to place your search Mp3 artist or Mp3 title in the For text button then try to click search :
Multiply will be build a set of MP3 Play list from others user's blog that are match to your search Mp3 Music like this picture, then click it on any results that appears :

Then Multiply will re-direct you to Other Multiply User Mp3 list and show their page :
Click Download to download your Favorite Mp3, then save to your PC, Mac :
Then Your MP3 is ready to be listen, if you want to search more music try to follow the search steps back again, feel free to download because it's free but take it your own risk, i don't know it's illegal or not. Use Mozilla Firefox to get a fastest search and download.

* Writer notes : now doesn't have the feature to search content by music. But There is another way to get some music from by doing this tutorial :

First you need to search the content by using "Photos" and write the artist and the song name such as "John Mayer - Body is Wonderland" then Click "Search" (see the picture detail) :

You've got the set of results of "Photos" of John Mayer, if you want to change the "Photos" results into "Music" try to copy (Ctrl+C or click right mouse then Copy) the URL on the address bar and paste (Ctrl+V or Right Click on Mouse Then Paste) it into notepad (Start -> Run -> Notepad) (look the details bellow) :

After you have copied the URL, try to paste it into "Notepad" (look the detail), try to replace the following word "photos" into "music" by doing (Ctrl + H) as the details:

After you've replace the URL, try to copy (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) again into Address Bar then Click Go (see the detail) :

Then you've the set of results from Music Content :

And Now try to Copy "Result URL" on the result list such as "", (dont click the result page because it gives you warning that the page can't be displayed". After you have copied it try to paste it under the address bar again and click go. Multiply will displayed your mp3 page such as :

And you can download the song just simply click on the download button.

Updated :

So to download from multiply has been so complicated again, but you can still download it by using this steps:

Click on play this playlist :
If you're using mozilla firefox, it will display popup like this, you must choose Open With "Winamp" :

Right click on the song you wanted to download (Winamp) , and choose Playlist Entry(CTRL+e):

Copy the URL at the old text simply by right click or Ctrl+C :

Then Open Free Download Manager or Other Download Manager and place the url into download:

And Click OK to Download. And you have a free mp3 music again from multiply.

Try other song by using that steps again. If it's to hard you can download Mp3 From many other website such as :

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14 komentar:

Ponpokopon said...

From my experience, (i'm using a mac) one cannot download music from Multiply and store the file in one's hard disk. What is downloaded is a link to the webpage that streams that particular music. This link is stored in your music player, like iTunes.

Kelly said...

I use a PC, Win XP Pro SP2.

You can download music as follows:

On IE7, right-click>Save target as.

On Moxilla Firefox, right click>save link as. This does save the actual mp3 file. Of course, you have to be pointing to "Download." A "save as" box opens and you'll see in the filename box that the file you are saving is an mp3 file, not just a "lnk" file.

When I have tons to download, then I use Firefox add-on "downthemall" to get all the embedded mp3 files in one click.

Sarah said...

'Music' isn't in the drop-down list... am I missing something?

Help My Internet said...

ok, now the multiply has a new feature, you can still find mp3 by using search multiply on the drop down list, just type your favorite artist

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the new cut and paste method, which worked very well. However, now multiply seemed to have removed the "download" link for music files...

Any idea how to get around this?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Multiply permanently shuts down the music downloads..


Tendri said...

FYI, as January 12 2008, Multiply erase the "Download" option for Music Section.

sugar said...

all the ways to download music from this site have been disable !!!!!!

Help My Internet said...

i believe so, has shut down it's music download feature, but don't be sad there are 100 ways to get to Rome.

try this awesome tutorial to download mp3 from youtube:

or this download mp3 from

thank you, for your comments

Thanks to YOU! said...

yup. thanks to ignorant posts like these, multiply found a need to disable their download music feature. just in case they become the next victim in third-party websites promoting illegal downloads. thanks to people like YOU, who cant keep a well-kept secret. thanks.

Help My Internet said...

Multiply Inc. Sued by Major Label
Capitol Records, and a host of other entities owned and/or controlled by label giant EMI Music, sued the company Multiply Inc. in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York. Plaintiffs allege copyright infringement arising from unauthorized use and exploitation of original sound and video recordings by encouraging and enabling users of Multiply to upload and share performances of well-known musical groups.

What gives? This sounds like EMI is suing YouTube type service. But, after casually visiting Multiply's website, which boasts "Multiply makes it easy to create, share and discuss your blog, photos, videos and music with more of the people you know, and less of the people you don't"; it looks like this is more of an online storage site, giving users their own "homepage" to share with the world. But, is this any different than MySpace? Is EMI just going after the little-guy, hoping for precedential effect against the behemoths in the future?

Anonymous said...

free mp3 download:

Help My Internet said...

great mp3 links thank you

Anonymous said...

you can use unplug - to download music from multiply, and you should be using firefox as your browser :D

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