How to Get into Blocked Website Using Webproxy

How to Get into These Site When Your Administrator Blocks that Websites ?
When you're at your school / university even your office, if you want to visit these cool website, but your network administrator disallowed you to get into that website, try this tips to visit that website using webproxy.

What is Web proxy ?

Web proxies hide users identity from the sites they visit, keep cookies at their site, and delete them after each session and selectively remove JavaScripts, Java etc. The server then communicates with the webpage, then communicates with visitor browser. Web proxies can be used to visit a website that has been blocked / disallowed by your ISP or your Network Administrator.

How to Use Web proxies ?

First of all you need to search best and free web proxy on the internet, but we recommended you to use these web proxies :

Then try to put your URL into these box and click browse button :

Please Wait for a while, your web proxy re-direct your blocked Url into your browser. Then Will show like these picture :
And there you go, your blocked website has shown again in your net

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4 komentar:

the real proxy said...

hello , try this also its really work almost 1500++ visitors use this site

Anonymous said...

None of the sites on this page worked. My school uses Light Speed somthing. It blocks all of the proxy sites that i can find.

Anonymous said...

Here is a brand new proxy.

Anonymous said...

none of the proxys given work. it's a loa or garbage

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