How to see Online TV Stream Live

Coolstreaming is based on the technology P2PTV (television of Per to Per) which makes it possible for the users to divide and share the bandwidth of the television channel being streamed with one anothers Internet connection. Technology behind Coolstreaming is similar to that of Bittorrent. The contents of channel is both viewed and uplaoded simutatiuonaly buy the viewers of the stream. Coolstreaming creates a local “stream” on the localhost (your desktop pc) and this stream is then shown through Windows media player, Real player or any other media player. The original code coolstreaming is developed with python 2.3 on Windows. Coolstreaming is a data-centric design of peer-to-peer streaming overlay.

Coolstreaming interface

Coolstreaming uses some notable features of the protocol include its intelligent scheduling algorithm that copes well with the bandwidth differences of uploading clients and thus minimises skipping during playback, and its swarm-style architechture that uses a directed graph based on gossip algorithims to broadcast content availability. Coolstreaming is the first system of P2PTV which attracts a remarkable quantity customers (more than 1 million, while majority of the less attracted preceding systems than 1 thousand customers). In date June of 10, the 2005 service of Coolstreaming had stopped because of the exits of copyright. However, there are several alternative services. CoolStreaming is low technology for Roxbeam Corp., which launched programmes of phase of IPTV in common with Yahoo Japan in October 2006.

Download coolstreaming here - fools! Download

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