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Watch live Satellite and Cable TV on your PC for free! Your one stop website for watching live TV streams from around the world. We’ve got the English Premiership and European football TV, NFL Live Streams, NBC Live Streams and many more….

To Watch the Live Stream you need to install a small bit of software called Sopcast. Click the link to install the Sopcast player saying yes to install the ActiveX component when prompted. You will also see the Windows security alert this just before you watch a channel,

Please select Unblock when windows asks you for your stream to work properly.

Please keep checking back as I will be adding new channels soon!

Sopcast is the small piece of software needed to view the live football streams. Sopcast is used to multicast the streams for the TV channels listed on this site over the internet. Sopcast uses a distributed bandwidth technique similar to bittorrent to lighten the load of the broadcaster’s upstream bandwidth where each listener/viewer will relay or piggyback the stream they download to one or more additional viewers. Please make sure you unblock your firewall when Sopcast prompts you to increase the stability of the stream for the next person! That’s how we all get free TV football streams! Become part of the Free Football TV community. Using Sopcast allows any multicasters, particularly small or independent ones, ie the people how stream the sport TV channels, to distribute their streams without need for much bandwidth, saving them costs. It also allows, theoretically, an infinite number of listeners as long as there are enough people adding to the stream.

Download Sopcast

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