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PPlive is another peer-to-peer streaming video network similar to coolstreaming. PPLive software was written at Huazhong University’s Science and Technology department in China (hence all the text being in Chinese). PPLive is yet another in the growing trend of P2P programs that combine P2P technologies and Internet TV - called P2PTV.

Channels you can watch
As well as most European and English Premiership football games, there are plenty of other sports you can watch with PPLive such as American football, basketball and baseball. You can also watch a huge number of other TV channels and stations through the PPlive software. Most of them are categorized under a variety of channel groups such as Movies, Music, TV series and live TV streaming. Most available programs are in Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean. There are however, a growing amount of channels in English showing content such as the latest movies and American TV shows such as Lost, 24, Battle star Galatia, Heroes etc. (As these are on Chinese cannels, they will have Chinese subtitles).

System Requirements
You can install PPLive on any Windows XP or Vista system with a broadband connection. Just download the player below and away you go.

Download PPLive

Please note: PPlive sometimes attempts to block certain channels, such as sports channels, and their movie channels, from IP addresses outside of China. This can be resolved buy using a proxy IP in china.

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