Vuze - More than just Bittorent client

If you want to have a music video, tv shows video with a high quality (DVD) to be uploaded in Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe. Like obama said "Yes you can", you can try this amazing torrent download, with mediaplayer build in, with a high speed download they called it Vuze. try to download here :

Vuze Features :

Finding torrents: Improved search

We want you to be able to discover great content wherever it lives on the web. Our new search engine lets you search for content on Vuze, as well as sources outside Vuze. Try a search and see what we mean.

Sharing torrents: new “Friends” feature

Everyone likes to share stuff with their friends. Well, now we’ve made it really easy to share your favorite torrents with friends. All you have to do is to become “Friends” on Vuze and then you can share any torrent with them, without ever leaving the application. If they’re a good friend, they’ll share what they find with you, too.
And, you get another added bonus when you create a group of friends on Vuze. Your friends automatically become your own personal swarm where you give each other preferential access to each other’s bandwidth and make downloading faster. It’s what we call a “Friend Boost”. So, the more friends you have, the faster it is to download. So boost and get boosted.

Multimedia Player Build in
You don't have to play your downloaded video content to other media player, because Vuze has a multimedia player build-in, that you can download and run your content at the same time.

Try this vuze, its more fun that other torrentz downloader.

Tips: How to search torrents file :

if you want to search your first torrent file to download using vuze try to click here :

try to search marron 5 videos on the search text, and vuze will be displayed your content like this :

Try to download your favorite content by clicking it and download :
after that Opens it with Java Web Starts Launcher :

And your content has been added into your downloaded list on Vuze :

You can still use old torrent file to download with Vuze. Go to or to download the torrent file

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