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If you like music, you're going to love this search Engine, it called Tagoo!, it not search pages for any contents like google or yahoo!, but it's only search songs (mp3). read this site description :

Tagoo searches for mp3 files across the Internet. You can use advanced search which offers numerous options, such as: artist, album, song's title, bitrate and duration of an mp3 file for making your searches more precise and getting more results.

In search results you can see a list of direct links to mp3 files that are hosted on various servers in the Internet, which you are able to listen to first and then to download.

Needless to say that you can download mp3 files from Tagoo absolutely for free.

Yeah it's free!!!

Try it by clicking here:

Try these steps :

1. First try to search your favorite artist - music title see the picture :

2. Tagoo will displaying a result like this (try to save / download it by clicking right mouse and save Link as / save target as) :

3. Save it into your PC :
Try to listen it, (this author is not responsible anything about music download infringement).

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Thanks, cool :)

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