5 Key Elements to Internet Marketing Success!

5 Key Elements to Internet Marketing Success!
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Author: Susan McLaughlin

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5 Key Elements to Internet Marketing Success!
Techniques and strategies for successful marketing on the
Internet have been and continue to be written about in
numerous ebooks, books, articles, etc; presented in
teleseminars and at boot camps; recorded on DVD's, CD's,
podcasts, etc. In fact, there is so much information about
this topic that the new marketer can get overwhelmed and
confused. The bottom line is that the basic requirements
to successful marketing on the Internet can be broken down
to 5 key elements... a quality product, traffic, building a
list, relationship building and budget. Everything else is
a further definition of what each element includes or is a
tool to accomplish it..

The first key element is a quality product and a personal
belief in the relevancy of that product. You must have a
quality product for a couple of reasons. Initially you
need people to want your product and for it to accomplish
it's purpose - it it's no good, they won't buy. But, even
if you can get people to purchase an inferior product or
scam the first time, they will never buy from you again and
you have totally defeated the long term goal of your
marketing... customer retention, i.e. people on your list
buying over and over when you introduce new items. In
addition, you need to believe in the worth of your product
to the consumer... if you don't, you simply will not be as
successful in selling it.

Next, there must be traffic coming to your site. It may be
true in the movies... "If you build it, they will come" but
not so for websites! Just creating or being given a
website(such as an affiliate site) is not enough. You need
to create one or more methods of getting that traffic to
your site and the best traffic is targeted. Targeted
traffic (e.g. PPC, Adwords, classifieds, etc) results in a
better conversion rate and therefore, more economical both
in time and money. This can be accomplished in a number of
different ways... from free on up. Once the traffic arrives
at your site, it is very important to attempt to get the
visitor's contact information. .. name and email at a

It is true that "The money is in the List". Often, the
first time a prospect visits a site they won't actually do
anything and there is a very real risk that they will
forget about it later... when they are interested or have
the time to look. If you haven't captured their contact
information, you have forever lost that person... again,
wasting marketing dollars. The page to do this is called a
squeeze page, capture page or landing page with opt-in. It
is also helpful to give something away, such as a repost,
an ebook, etc. to entice the prospect to opt-in. However,
that give-away must be of use to the person opting in so
they feel that they received something of value. By doing
this you are beginning to build a relationship. If the
give-away provides nothing, you have done more harm than
good to the budding relationship.

Relationship, or credibility is the next key to success in
any form of marketing and online is not any different.
People only purchase products or join programs when they
trust and/or respect you. One of the best methods of
creating this trust/respect on the impersonal "World Wide
Web" is to use an autoresponder to deliver a series of
emails to the prospect at regular intervals. In these
messages you can continue to talk about the benefits of the
product or program you are selling. In addition,
occasional broadcasts with key events or timely information
maintain contact and build credibility. The regular emails
create name recognition and imply some level or skill (even
when you are just staring out - you know... "Fake it til
you make it!") Audio and/or video on your website also
helps to create come familiarity and develops trust.
People make initial buying decisions based on trust and
continue to be interested in other offers over time from
the same source (you)...resulting in customer retention

Finally, but not necessarily last, you must have a budget
set aside for marketing. Unless you have unlimited funds
and don't mind wasting them, it is important that your
product or program produce income right away so that a
portion can be funneled into marketing on a continual
basis, thus funding the effort. So, you must take this
requirement into consideration when selecting the product
or program to offer when you are just starting out. By
creating a habit of putting 10-20% of your income from your
sales into your marketing effort, starting immediately,
your business will continue to grow and flourish.

In conclusion, although the 5 key elements of success in
marketing on the internet (quality product, traffic, list
building, relationship building and marketing budget) are
the basic requirements, each of them can become a topic of
their own. There are numerous tools and products that will
aid you in each of these phases and there are countless
quality products and programs that can be effectively
marketed online. In fact, most products and services can
effectively utilize online marketing to increase the bottom
line. However, if you want to ensure maximum success,
incorporate the five keys we have discussed in some way.
You can start small and then expand on your offering... but
just get started.

About the Author:

Sue McLaughlin is a veteran Internet Marketer with past
experience in corporate management & business ownership.
Check out the Internet program that I have found to most
successfully satisfy these basic needs in marketing and
teach you how to accomplish them..http:/ /successmktg. biz
Sue is also a member of a group of like minded individuals
working toward financial success in home business...

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Ken Ivey said...

Sue, great article! I think you've covered the main points well.

I would only add that even if you don't have a great product, you can borrow someone else's! Many great internet marketers start off as "affiliates", and in the process of selling other product and following your guidelines, end up developing their own info product from the experience.

So you don't have to have a product, just be willing to work and follow the steps in this article!


Ken Ivey
MidTN Technology

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