Title: The Smart Way of Building Page Rank Through Article Submissions

Title: The Smart Way of Building Page Rank Through Article Submissions
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Author: Darren Dunner
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The Smart Way of Building Page Rank Through Article Submissions
Whenever you ask anybody who has even a little knowledge
about web pages and page ranks, "What is the best method of
increasing search engine page ranks?" the most probable
reply you will get is "make article submissions. " And so
most web site owners keep on posting articles in order to
go up higher in search engine rankings, and while some
succeed in their goal, there are many who do not. This is
because of the fact that there are a number of things that
people ignore when making article submissions in the hope
of improving page ranks. To succeed, you have to be aware
of what exactly the search engines are looking at when they
decide on page ranks. A small list of things that will tell
you about the effective way of making article submissions
for increasing your ranking are as follows:

· Duplicating your article throughout the www when making
article submissions is not going to help. Most search
engines have stopped considering different copies of the
same article as different links. So only a link posted with
the first article that Google or any other search engine
finds will be counted as a back link and the rest will be
ignored. So make sure that you submit unique articles for
your back links to be counted.

· Make article submissions to sites that have a Page rank
of 4 or higher. This is because Google only recognizes back
links on web pages that have a Page rank higher than four.
However, do not ignore all other sites since most other
search engines still acknowledge listings and back links
from all sites irrespective of page rank.

· Make your article submissions relevant to your web site
and your own content. The chances of your web site going up
in page rankings increases if the title and content of your
articles is similar to what you have on your website.

· Try to get maximum mileage out of your articles. It is
obvious that you cannot write new articles for every web
site that you want to post on. If you are posting on only a
limited number of article directories and web sites, then
making changes manually to your articles-basically changing
the text and the words without changing the theme and the
topic-makes sense for you. However, if you find this
difficult or plan article submissions for various web sites
then using software to change the look of your article is a
good option for you. A number of these soft wares are
available on line but check with friends and experts before
buying one. Some of them are quite good while others are
total thrash. So shopping around for one makes good sense.

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