How to know your adsense money while you were working and browsing

Hy i wan't to give you some amazing tips how to know your google adsens while you were working and browsing. Without having to visit

First of all you must have a mozilla firefox :
if you don't have it you can click it get Mozilla icon on my blog.
then go to click addons.
Then try to search adsense in the search text "adsense" click search :

Choose the adsense notifier addons click it and install the addons :
You should not worried because it's not a trojan or spyware.
Then try to look this icon on the right bottom of your status bar, but it's not done yet, it's required your username and your password on google adsense.
first of all click Tools Menu and click Add-Ons on Mozilla :

Then it shows pop-up bar like :
then try to place your username and password and click ok :
And Now Kazam... You're automatically notified your adsense money :

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