Title: Website Link building Strategy – Improve Search engine ranking with Zero

Title: Website Link building Strategy – Improve Search engine ranking with Zero

Author: Paul Easton
Category: Internet marketing/online business

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Website Link building Strategy – Improve Search engine ranking with Zero Cost
A proven website Linking building strategy have shown to be
an effective way to create a flow of targeted and qualified
traffic to any website regardless of subject.

It can involve a few terms and the meaning of these is
sometimes not clear and therefore can cause confusion and

Lets look at the terms you need to have some understanding

1. Reciprocal Linking - This is the simple exchange of
links between websites. A site agrees to place a link on
one of its pages in exchange for a link from your site. It
can be text or a banner/graphic.

2. Themed linking- . This is sites similar in subject
linking to each other. Also this can cover the internal
linking of the pages in your site between each focused
subject page - the use of plain html text linking between
pages, is recommended. This makes it easy for the search
engines to find the pages.

3. Page Rank-(PR) -This is Googles view of your site in a
scale of 0-10. New domains take time to get PR and starts
of at zero. The PR of a site that wants to exchange links
with you needs to be considered.

4. One way linking -This is the formation of one way links
(no suprize here!) using different methods that will be
discussed in future articles.

5. 3 way linking - This is the formation of and
understanding between 2 webmasters. Webmaster "A" -owns 2
sites (No.1 and No.2). He links to your site from No.1, and
in turn asks you to link to site No. 2

6. A Link Farm - This is where your link is placed on many
other sites, almost instantly. Normally a paid service, it
is not in any theme and rarely results in any traffic.
Effectively it is a tactic to fool Google and the other
major search engines. Not recommended!

7. Anchor Text- This is the html text displayed and used in
the link to your site eg: "Click Here" -Normally a blue
underlined link.

8. Site wide linking- This is where a webmaster agrees to
place a link to your site on every page of his site -
Sometimes can be a reciprocal arrangement.

9. Deep Linking - This is the linking to internal pages of
a site, normally aimed at a specific keyword and the page
is normally in the same theme: eg

10. Content Linking- This is using articles on specific
subjects and linking from those articles to your site in
the form of a resource box at the end of the article. Can
be a good form of one way linking.

11. Paid Text links -This is purchasing links on other
sites for the sole purpose of influencing search engine
ranking. Google has come out to disapprove of this and is
encouraging webmasters to report any sites doing this.

12. Link exchange directory- A directory of web sites set
up that all want to exchange links

13. Social linking -This is links from the new marketing
media like myspace or social bookmaking sites like A large network of themed bookmarking sites have
evolved in 2007

There are many effective linking strategies, for effective
marketing online at the same time the development of goals
with an overall plan to be discussed in future articles.

About the Author:

Paul Easton is a Web site Link Marketing Expert, and the
owner of, The Link Exchange Directory
which helps the small online business get traffic from

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