How to improve search engine rankings

How to improve search engine rankings

Author: Pawel Reszka
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How to improve search engine rankings
Search engine ranking: Why is it so important?

Search engine ranking refers to the placement or position
of a website in search engine results. Most companies aim
to fall within the first 10 of the search engine results
because typical visitor behavior indicates that most people
do not go beyond the first 10 results page when searching
for something. Essentially it is the first page of the
search engine results that offers companies the most
visibility and the most traffic potential. Therefore most
companies scramble to get a ranking within the top 10
listings. It is what will differentiate between success and

How to improve search engine ranking? With the immense
competition and millions of websites, all wanting to get
listed in the top 10 search engine results, how does one go
about it? Here in this section we provide some tips and
ideas on how to improve visibility among search engines:

- Position of keywords: Keywords are very essential for
visitors to find what they're looking for on your website.
The best place to have these keywords is the title of the
article of webpage and the top of the page in the title bar.

- Zero downtime: Visitors are impatient and there are loads
of websites that can give them the information you're
giving. Added to that if your website is going to have
downtime and slow pages, it is sure to make visitors
disappear. 24x7 uptime is an absolute must on your website.

- Easy navigation: Nothing gives a website as much negative
publicity as its navigation. If users are not able to find
what they're looking for quickly, they will make an exit
from your website. Website design is critical in
determining search engine popularity. If users are happy
with your website design, search engines will automatically
favor your website.

- The right keywords: Having the right keywords can mean
the difference between an "also ran" website and one that
is top of the list. Using overly common keywords risks the
chance of being lost in the crowd while using less popular
keywords means losing traffic altogether. It is best to use
strategic, powerful keywords that stand out, add value to
your website and describe what your website offers in as
concise a manner as possible.

- Meta Tags: These are machine friendly descriptions of
what your website is about. They are embedded in the
backend HTML coding of a webpage and are used by robots
that crawl websites to gauge the popularity of your website.

- Avoid overusing graphics: Graphics cannot be read by the
search engine robots and hence by overusing these graphics
you miss the potential to increase the search engine
ranking of your website. It is best to use HTML code as
much as possible.

- Regularly monitor website listing: It is important to
frequently monitor the performance of your website in terms
of search engine ranking. In this age of tough competition
and websites scrambling to get listed on search engines, it
is essential to know where you stand.

- Article marketing: Article marketing represents a great
way to enhance one's search engine ranking. For this it is
essential to write articles on current topics of interest.
Also it is essential to use the right strategic keywords
for better search engine visibility. While posting articles
on article directories, it is essential to post all
mandatory information required by the website, as well as
ensure strict adherence to website rules and regulations.

- Keyword research: Keyword research plays a crucial role
in ascertaining the popularity of keywords, which ones are
most used by visitors etc. Most organizations spend top
dollar in getting access to this information and to enhance
their website popularity in search engines.

- Incoming links: Incoming links refer to exchanging or
purchasing links of other websites to direct traffic to
your website. The more the incoming links the better the
chances at enhancing search engine ranking.

- Press releases: Press releases, although they sound
clich├ęd, are a great way to boost search engine ranking.
They provide the latest updates on your website, the latest
news and events and other important information which could
be of interest to readers. Having frequently changing press
releases helps to keep the buzz alive around your website
and generates curiosity for website visitors.

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