How To Download A Video From Youtube, Dailymotion, Redtube, You Porn and Many More

How To Download a video From Youtube :

Hi, If you wondering how download a video from youtube, daily motion, Redtube, YouPorn this time i will give you some trick. First of all you need a Mozilla Firefox, you can download it from to get a latest release of Mozilla Firefox. Why I Choose Mozilla because they can easily add a new addons for your browser activity.
After you download and install the mozilla go to the website once again, and click addons
Look for the search text put on "youtube" then click search.
You can choose many youtube addons on your mozilla, but i recommended you to use "DownloadHelper" because it can be used from many Website that contain any multimedia.

Just install the addons on your mozilla. Than restart the mozilla, just simply closed the mozilla and run it back again. Now you're ready to download a video from a Youtube. go to the website then search and select your favorite movie clip.Click on the 3 balloons icon (blue, yellow, red) beside the address navigation select the Youtube Icon than save it.

if you had installed the downloadhelper addons, and you don't have the 3 balloons icon on your mozilla firefox, just right-click to your mouse and will be display like this :

Remember the extension of the file is "flv", you need a Adobe Flash Player, and FLV Player such as FLV Player 1.3.3 or Gom Player, or you can use Kazza Lite Video Codecs.
and this is the Link How You can get that Player :

Adobe Flash Player

Click Here To Get FLV Player

This is the supported video site other than youtube.

or you can try this tips for more details

try this tips : how to convert youtube video to mp3 using free converter

and this tips : how to convert youtube video to mpg, avi, wmv to use in microsoft movie maker

related tips : how to play flv video or downloaded video from youtube

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Anonymous said...

Great Info!!!!! Definatly should use!!! Very simple and described very well

John said...

ummm ... im no sure about fire fox but the rest is good... Firefox is just the same as internet explorer but everyone seems to use firefox (and msn)Great guide ... 100% conratulations its somerthing to be proud of

Anonymous said...

love the guide :) well done (grrr john about firefox) he doesnt know what hes talking about

Anonymous said...

I found this site on Yahooo someone had posted it there, post it on google and make more people join this site (like jOhn said "Great guide ... 100% conratulations its somerthing to be proud of "

Jared said...

well done !!!!!!! very simple and easy to use!

Help My Internet said...

thank you for your comment, please subscribe me also, thanks

download youtube video said...

for those who are not using firefox like Internet Explorer, they can go to here to download youtube video directly :

Malaysia car rental said...

thanks , I have downloaded the firefox and install it now :)

Taman negara pahang said...

thanks a lot, i am trying it now

philry4n said...

I use Opera and a special userjs to point me to the links, with Opera which is the safest browser IMHO, i have no worries plus i don't have to worry about memory consumption.

alternatively i just used freedownloadmanager that have this function too.

kaito said...

thanks for your tips

Mr. Bean said...

If you don't want to download firefox, for Youtube videos, you can try:

It is a free online tool.

Anonymous said...

And another great thank you for helping so many of us out there. I am so appreciative.

Anonymous said...

how to download the mv in youtube?? i am quite blur... i had installed everything needed but after i save video that i want it juz came out as a file.. y??

kaayae said...

Thank you.This guide was really useful. Very easy to follow.

Car forum said...

it is a very useful information, I have try many, but I think the plugin for fire fox is the easiest one.

cheers !

asra said...

Thanks a lot it was really useful

ThankYouSoMuch! said...

Thanks for creating this blog! It really works when you follows instructions! Thanks alot! Highly recommended!

nvh said...

There is an another Firefox add-on:
You can use it with almost any video-sharing site and it has an own built-in media player, so you can preview the video before download.

Convert FLV Video said...

after download , you can use the duovi video converter to convert the FLV to other formats such as WMV, AVI or MP4

Anonymous said...

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