The Home Business Revolution

The Home Business Revolution

Author: Shannon Jaklic
Category: Internet marketing/online business

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The Home Business Revolution
Working from home is what's in and it's safe to say it's
where millions of folks today are headed. You can find home
business opportunities everywhere you look on the internet.
Things ranging from making gift baskets or gourmet dog food
to being a consultant for whatever industry you left
behind. No idea is too small or too weird. One thing is for
sure, the hottest home business opportunities stem from
working on the internet.

The internet allows freedom that the 9 to 5 work day can't
and never will. Starting a business that can run from the
internet allows so much. The reasons to go into business
for yourself are obvious... You get to ditch the old boss
and the old rules Make extra or usually more money – if you
do it right. More time with family Earn what you decide by
working as much as you want Schedule flexibility Tax
benefits Savings on the corporate expenses – suits, dry
cleaners, gas, etc… Working from the internet gives you a
few more reasons… Travel when you want and take work with
you. Have your business open around the clock with no
additional cost! Advertise all over the country which
opens up opportunities you just don't have with a brick and
mortar business. This list of reasons why could go on and

The challenge for many is staying focused and actually
getting the work done. What happens is, all of a sudden
your home and you have no one over your shoulder and your
focus shifts to the kids or the household projects that you
have been wanting to take care of and all of a sudden you
can't figure out how you ever went to work and got anything
else done because you don't have any time for your business
now! That's an easy trap to fall into. There are some
real easy ways to avoid it too. By following some of the
standard business rules you'll discover you can be as
productive at home as you were at the office… Create and
stick to a basic schedule. Decide what time you want to
start work and which days you'll be in your office. Take
organized breaks etc. By following a schedule like this you
will limit the wandering around the house and getting side
tracked by it.

Don't be fooled by your new freedom. Stay in the habit of
waking up. If you get up before the kids you will have
quiet time which always equals productive time. Take breaks
in the late morning and early afternoon when you need to
recharge but continue to wake up early. While it may sound
good … don't work in your pajamas. By getting dressed
you'll set a mental tone. If you stay in your pajamas you
are doing the same. Clothing as a rule denotes some kind of
productivity and pajamas always denote sleep. You don't
need to put on a suit and tie or panty hose; but shower and
dress so you're ready to go! Remember to have some fun
along the way. Working from home allows you to take
advantage of some of life's little pleasures; like
breakfast out on a Monday or an early day on Wednesday to
see your kids little league game. And there's nothing wrong
with deciding that you simply aren't working after 2pm on
Friday anymore! These are just a few things you need to get
you ready for the wave of the future.

Working from home is one of the most rewarding things that
you can do. It allows you time and space that an office
cannot provide. Working from home adds hours to each day of
your life that would otherwise be wasted in the car or on a
train struggling to get somewhere along with countless
others. Wake up and smell the coffee – literally. Join the
home business revolution and stake your claim in a world
that is only getting bigger, better and more prominent.

About the Author:

Shannon and Kim Jaklic made the move into the lucrative
world of the home based business industry. Their passion is
to help other parents achieve and enjoy the same level of
success professionally and personally

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2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I'd like to run my own business soon, so this is very helpful. Instead of starting one from scratch, I'd prefer to buy a business, maybe one that is home-based. Do you have any suggestions? Advice? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@Chris --- There's this website called, that I recommend checking out soon. You can use it to buy a business or sell your business. You can also find a lender or broker, or just about any other type of professional help. It's a good place to find a small business on the Internet.

I also suggest checking out small business groups in your area. They should be able to help you out as well.

Good luck!

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